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Men’s Gothic Jackets & Coats

Kilt and Jacks deals in Men’s Gothic Jackets and coats. These Jackets are suitable for Goths, Goth lovers, Steampunks, Cosplay and others. We have wide range of high quality reasonable Gothic and Steampunk Jackets for Men. All Gothic Jackets are purely handmade and custom. These Gothic Coats are available at the lowest price possible without compromising on the quality of products.

High quality fabrics is used to manufacture each and every jacket. Our experienced makers put their 100% efforts to make each and every jacket.

Please Note: It takes us 15 days to manufacture, handle, and ship the Gothic Jackets. We are among the fastest Gothic Jackets manufacturer without compromising on the quality.

Order now, and receive within 2 Weeks!


Gothic Clothing

We have a huge range of Men's Gothic Clothing items. Most of the items are purely custom made and some are handpicked from various stores across the world. Kilt and Jacks ships Worldwide! We have a huge customer base who simply enjoy wearing our dark clothing styles and romantic fabrics. All our items are highly affordable and purely custom so you don't have to worry about the extra small or plus sizes. Kilt and Jacks is worlds first store providing cheap custom clothing options. You can wear our clothing items any occasion where you would like to show your dark side to the world. Let's define fashion and get rid of boring statements. Get our Gothic Kilts to complete your Gothic Outfit. Normally, there are two sides to every goth: the romantic and biker badass or mysterious vampire look. And on Kilt and Jacks, we try to entertain both sides of goth so that one may have options. You can shop classic Victorian clothing style with modern touch. And if you are going to electronic dance music event or rave then you can shop our cyber punk clothing so get that and show your Cyberdelic side to the world.

Where to Shop Gothic Clothing

Our Gothic Clothing area is mostly focusing on people with for the dark side inside us which likes to be freaky and push the limits. Our team of professional makers and staff working day and night to provide best dark clothing to our customers. You can find everything from hardcore to , nu, pastel goths and everything in between. You can find everything related to indie brands and complete your closet with dark clothing items and does not have to surf internet for it. We have a huge list of low budget Gothic clothing so that you don't have to go anywhere else to get the best in low rates. We have brands like like Lip Service, Kreepsville 666, Alchemy and more. You can also look for Punk Outfits here and get it designed for yourself. I promise you that you are going to get very best dark clothing on internet here because our team of professionals have gathered almost all the famous brands at one place for you. We have tones of indie brands and fashion designers waiting to serve you.

How to Style Gothic Clothing

This is the common issue being faced by many customer about the style of their Gothic clothing so I am going to discuss this as well that how to style an outfit around Gothic clothing. In Gothic, there is always an option to mix in with different fashion item and make a complete Gothic outfit. Our Clothing items particularly Gothic Jackets goes amazing with the modern stuffs available easily in the market. There are few suggestions for you to wear. Try our Trench coat or Braided Gothic Coats with any Gothic Kilt. Or you can experiment with rockabilly dress pairs well with a cardigan and some boots. A men's trench coat paired with a band tee shirt gives an amazing look. Moreover, motifs such as Skulls and bones can be added to enhance the overall look. In all, Dark clothing has a lot of options to experiment with. You can also play along with modern looks and wear them with more traditional items like; tailcoats, ruffled shirts and blouses, and Victorian clothing. Victorian style gown look completely badass when paired with chunky boots and leather jacket. It is a perfect mix of old and new. So you can choose from our Zombie style Clothing and nu or pastel goth items to more traditional romantic goth clothing like corsets and parasols.

About Goth Culture & Fashion

Gothic Fashion or Gothic Clothing is all about being different and unique. Gothic fashion features dark colors and extravagant layers sometimes with the touch of punk rock clothing culture with rivets, studs, safety pins, collars, and chains. Gothic Culture is not only limited to clothing or fashion but also writing focused on the supernatural and horror films. It has been endured for more than 30 years. It has even crossed into mainstream culture through movies like The Craft and Interview with a Vampire. Basically, Goth came from a punk scene, but instead of focusing on politics and anarchism, the focused on music and clothing inspired by horror films and macabre experiences. Music, artwork, fashion, and literature began to be called "Gothic" if they contained dark romance, death, fantasy and horror. Goth fashion sometimes incorporated elements fro punk rock clothing culture by using studs, rivets, and safety pins, and sometimes giving a nod to fetishism and BDSM with collars and chains.