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Women’s kilt is designed for lots of brave ladies out there who want to wear kilts just like men do. On Kilt and Jacks, we have introduced a bunch of styles and designs of ladies’ kilts. We have women’s skirts, kilts, and Earasaids made up of cotton, leather, and tartan. There lots of our female customers who love mini kilts either made up of cotton or tartan.

All the women’s kilts are purely made to measure. All of these are made based on the provided measurements. All of these women kilts for sale are 100% customizable where you can ask us to add belt loops, leather buckle straps, metal buckles, fringe, sewn-down pleats, pockets, and even bring us your own material to add.

Our Mini kilt is perfect for running, highland games, or other athletic activities. Our mini skirt gives you enough room to perform body motions comfortably and you don’t feel confined or packed.

Our Normal ladies kilts are dropped above the knee and it is perfect for casual events. However, you may define the length as per your preference.

We also deal in earasaid or arasaid which is a draped garment used to be worn by females. It is part of traditional women’s highland dresses. Our earasaid for sale comes in tartan fabrics.

Our Kilted-skirt is also called an ankle-length dress which is usually pleated around the backside along with a front-panel and also available with sewn-down pleats. Since it is also made to measure then you can ask us to make them in any specific instructions.

In case you want the female kilt on any specific date then you can email us with your details and requirements: we can make that happen for you. We are the fastest made-to-measure kilt manufacturers. Moreover, you can also send us your own design and you can work with our makers to create a custom woman kilt for yourself.

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