Kilt Sporrans – Kilt Pouches for Sale

A sporran is the most important yet basic accessory to pair up with your men’s kilt. It is kind of a must-have item for a complete Scottish outfit. There are various types of Sporran for sale on Kilt and Jacks; some of them are as follows: Full Dress Sporran, Semi Dress Sporran, Horse Hair Sporran, and a leather sporran.

Sporrans are also called “Purse” which is the Gaelic translation of the word. However, it won’t be wrong if you call it a Kilt Pouch which is used to carry your important stuff like keys and cards. On Kilt and Jacks, you can find a lot of excellent design kilt purses to buy.

As you all know that a traditional Tartan Kilt does not have pockets; therefore, it is practical to have Sporran carry all your stuff conveniently. It has become a stylish accessory that complements your overall kilt-outfit. Despite being stylish and sleek; they do fulfill the purpose of utility where you can easily hold your cards, keys, phone, or whatever you want.

Sporrans which has rounded top are called Full-Dress Sporran which is perfect for formal events like formal dinners or wedding. The sporrans that have flat tops are called Day Sporran or Semi-Dress Sporrans.

The highland dress purse can be used for both formal and informal events which means the choice of wearing them rests with the wearer. As per our suggestion, the fancy rabbit fur sporran looks pretty dope and can surely be a head-turner. However, you may also go with the Day or Semi-dress sporrans of various materials.

Each of our Highland purse comes with a chain-belt that is attached to a D-ring on the back of the sporran and on the other end, there is a leather belt that can be worn on your waist. You don’t really need a belt-loop to wear it; however, if your kilt does have belt loops then you may use them to wear it. All the items here listed are custom-made.

On Kilt and Jacks, we have made sure that you get the best quality sporrans available in the market. All of these are handmade. You can ask for custom designs and we can definitely pull that off for you. You can wear these kilt purses with any of our Kilt and Kilt Jacket of your choice.