Kilt and Jacks was created to provide an online store which could provide Utility Kilts, Traditional Scottish Kilts, Camo kilts, Gothic Varsity Jackets, Gothic Jackets, and accessories that symbolizes the tradition for people.

We have gathered enough inventory to meet the demand of our loyal customers. The sizing charts, and guide is given with each and every product which is fully precise so that we can counter the issue of under-size or oversize deliveries of our products. The team of Kilt and Jacks are working day and night to provide utmost quality products with swift deliveries.

Moreover, in order to protect out customers we have policy of return along with Money Back Guarantee as our top priority is to satisfy our customers.

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Since Kilt and Jacks focuses on providing traditional attire to our customers so we have maintained a beauty of traditional works. All the products that we sell are purely handmade that is the reason that you will get to feel the real traditional clothing ones you buy it.

Pure manufactured fabrics have been used to create these products so that our customers can get the best from our products.

Why you should choose us?

This may strike your heads that “Why you should choose us?”

Since you may find many cheap sellers out there, but do remember cheap products come with heavy prices which may be in the form of low quality prodcut. Let me justify our prices and our business in a list form so you can easily differentiate us from others!

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  • 100% Custom Manufacturing
  • Kilts are purely Handmade in traditional style
  • Jackets are made by professional and Skilled workers who are crafting high quality output
  • Lots of Skilled workers and managerial staff working day and night to run this business for customers
  • Very FAST Manufacturing, Shipping and Handling time
  • Collaboration with DHL and other Trusted and Secure Shipping Companies so parcels can be tracked efficiently!
  • All type of customization on the product without charging additional Amount (Nobody offers customization for FREE)
  • Friendly Customer support – who treat you as a family!


Quality – Our Priority 

Quality of product is one of the top priories of Kilts and Jacks. Our most valuable asset is our customers and to satisfy the needs of our customers we never ever compromise on the quality of Products shipped.

All the products that are listed on Kilts and Jacks are manually inspected before shipping them to the clients in order to avoid defective pieces shipment or any other misconduct. However, the door to return or replace is always open for our customers.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to provide top quality traditional products to our customers and provide an online shopping experience that no any website out there can provide. We aim to keep our customers at ease and wanted them to trust and shop without having any sort of fear in mind.