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Tartan Kilt for Men is specifically focusing on the traditional style of Scottish Kilt. On Kilt & Jacks, we are trying our best to restore the true essence of clan tartan kilts. All these clan kilts are purely handmade and custom following the pure traditional style of making men’s kilts. We also have a number of accessories to complement your tartan style and kilt. All our tartans are special blend material that holds pleats perfectly.

Our all tartan clan kilts are machine washable and very durable. If you would like to add additional frills to your kilt then we have tons of materials that we can use on your kilt, you can simply write to us and we will make that happen for you. There are various universal tartans that anybody can wear regardless of their clan affiliation like Black Watch and many more like that. Tartan kilts are different from Utility kilts as they are the true depiction of Scottish tradition. 

If this is your first kilt then we would recommend the tartan that you find attractive and beautiful. There is no shame in wearing someone’s else clan kilt as far as you carry it right. Our custom tartan kilts are going to look beautiful on you and you should wear them to your likings. 

If you want us to design an exclusive outfit for you then you can email us and discuss it with our customer service representative and he can help you get a perfect outfit for yourself. You can shop for clan kilts and tartans from below that are laid out for you. You can also have yourself made a Great Kilt which is the ancient time’s kilt. 

In our tartan collection which users can demand or request is as follows; Black Stewart, Blackwatch kilt, Buchanan, Cameron Ancient, Campbell, Freedom, Gordon, Hamilton Grey, Gunn Tartan, MacGregor, Mackenzie, MacPherson, McDonald, Modern Gunn Tartan, Plain Black, Ramsay Blue, Rob Roy, Saffron, Scottish National, Macleod of Lewis, Tara Murphy, and Thompson Camel  Tartan. You can buy tartan kilts of your choice! We also keep on updating Clan Tartans that may not be listed below; therefore, you can write to us for confirmation before going out. 

10 Business days of shipping and handling time is applicable to making Scottish Tartan Kilts for Men.