Why Buy From Us?

There are too many Kilt and Traditional Jackets e-commerce websites out there along with offline stores then Why you should Buy from us? I am going to answer this query on this page.

Quality Fabrics

The quality of your products depends upon the fabric of your Jacket or Kilt. We choose original high quality product for manufacturing the products. Each product is manually checked, and then sent for production. We use the finest quality of all type of fabrics including; Cotton, Nylon, Poly viscose, Leather, etc.

Kilt and Jacks – A Brand for Traditional Clothing

We have been satisfying our customers for years on eBay and now decided to move towards eCommerce websites. All our customers are very much happy and satisfied with the quality we provide. You can surely trust our product and its quality before buying it.

We add Value to our products by offering emotional involvement in each product manufactured here.

Trusted Payment Methods

We use PayPal as our Payment method which provides a security to our customers by involving a most famous third-party payment Gateway. PayPal secure your payment by encrypting the payment form and then de-crypting it by following Order to Kilt and Jacks.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Nobody out there shall be offering this to customers out there. We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee to our customers who could get whatever they have ordered for. If you receive any defective piece, or any other article then we shall return your 100% payment to you.

Subject to Return Policy terms.

Secure Socket Layer Website

As you can see the Green Lock button on top left corner of the address bar of your browser, that is indicating the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which makes our website fully secure and safe to be used for any transaction or data processing.

Satisfied Customers

The main reason behind any successful business is satisfied customers. Our customers are very much satisfied by the products and quality we offer to them.

International Sizing Guides

There are international Sizing Guide which provides accurate sizing method and measures to our customers which makes it really easy for customers to measure their sizes and send us.