Kilt Buyers Guide

Choosing a kilt for yourself requires some sort of efforts as you may end up buying a wrong type of kilt for yourself. There are lots of question to answer like what kilt to choose, what tartan to select, and what style to choose.

I will be covering all queries and making this kilt buying guide ultimate for you people. In case you want to know that Which kilt is best for you then you may refer our guide.

Kilt Buyers Guide – How to Choose a Perfect Kilt?

Let’s begin our Kilts buyer guide covering all the relevant things to consider before buying a kilt.

Style of Kilt – Which One to Choose?

There are three main types of kilt to choose from; ancient kilt, PHILLABEG or little kilt, and Modern utility kilt.

Ancient Kilt

These are the traditional style of kilt and same style kilts that were worn in move “Braveheart”! Acnient kilts are perfect to be worn on Renaissance festivals and many more reenactment events. Usually, Ancient kilts are almost same as Phillabeg kilt with additional 2 to 3 yards of tartan attached. That extra tartan is to be worn as a slash or a fly plaid. There are various tartans available in our inventory to choose from.

PHILLABEG or Little Kilt!

Phillabeg (Gaelic “feilidh-beag) or the little kilt is a traditional tartan kilt. It is not tailored garments. It is simply a length of tartan about 4 to 5 yards long and 25 inches wide, pleated and worn on the waist with a belt. It has few inches of tartan flapping over the belt keeping the belt at place.

Modern Day Utility Kilts

Modern Utility Kilts are the newest kilt available in the market. These are the kilts that can be worn on day to day basis. There are cargo pockets and some also have slash pockets on either side of the kilt. Normally, these kilts are made up of 100% cotton and we also have a collection of tartan utility kilt.

Modernday Utility kilts can also be worn on highland events as they are breathable kilt. With lots of pockets and D-rings, one does not have to wear sporran to carry their stuff. While choosing a utility kilt, you don’t have to worry about the rest of the attire as they are quiet trendy.

Whats the Budget?

One of the important factor to decide before choosing a kilt for yourself and that is BUDGET!

While buying a kilt from Kilt and Jacks, you don’t have to worry about the budget factor. Since, all the custom Kilts by Kilt and Jacks are quiet reasonable and best price as compare to other makers. Our custom made kilts and kilt outfits are the best available online in the best price. Our custom made kilts ranges from $50 to $350 depending on the type of kilt.

When do you need them? – The Timeline

This another important factor to consider while selecting a kilt that when do you need it.

On Kilt and Jacks, it takes around 2 weeks to manufacture and ship a custom kilt irrespective of its type. It can be further be expedited on special instructions. So make sure that you are ordering a kilt for an event at least 2 weeks prior to it.

Occasion or Event to wear your kilt!

This is another thing to consider that where you are going to wear your kilt. If you are going to wear it on a wedding then you should consider buying our custom made tartan kilt representing your clan or family. You can also talk to our operators for personal assistance and fashion advice.

And if you want to wear a kilt for daily basis and not for something special. Then I would recommend you to go for our Utility kilts, hybrid kilts or Leather kilts collections and get yourself a comfortable utility kilt in a reasonable price.

Choosing the right Tartan for yourself

This is another important factor to consider – in case you are buying our tartan kilt or tartan utility kilt. You can select your family tartan based on your clan or else if you are kind of guy who likes to go with favorite pattern then its completely up to you. Or you can email us in order to get the tartan name for yourself.

What weight of Tartan to go for?

Now let’s talk about the weight to consider while buying tartan kilt. Weight depends about your preferences and choice as heavy weight may cost you bit more than standard one. I have broken the kilts weight wise below for you;

Lightweight kilts

These are the kilt with 10/11oz tartan making a perfect lightweight kilt for you. Lightweight kilts are the standard type of kilts. Our lightweight kilts are made of acrylic wool and it is perfect to go for as your first kilt. You should consider buying a lightweight kilt for summers or particularly hot weather.

Medium Weight Kilt

These are the kilt with 12/13oz tartan and hangs perfect as compared to lightweight kilts. It is recommended to buy as medium weight kilts are breathable and durable. It can give you an authentic look without being too heavy for you to carry.

Heavy Weight Kilt

These are the kilt with 15/16oz tartan made up of acrylic or blend wool. Heavy weight kilts are preferred by the members of pipe band. It is very durable but not breathable because of its heavy weight. It is a perfect kilt to wear in hot weather. If you are buying your very first kilt then I won’t recommend you to buy this for yourself.

Which Pleats to Choose? – Pleat-to-Sett Or Pleat-to-Stripe Or Box Pleats

Choosing the pleats for your kilt also depends on your choice; however, not all the kilts have that option. There are usually three types of pleats; one is pleat-to-sett and other is pleat-to-stripe and third is box pleats.

Pleat-to-Sett: Each pleat is positioned so that fourth portion (Sett) appears to continue through the pleated portion of kilt and this is the standard pleating method. Most of our kilt made are Pleat-to-sett.

Pleat-to-Stripe: Kilt maker chooses the prominent stripe in the pattern of the kilt and that pleat is centered down the middle of each pleat. It is a traditional military style. However, it suits only few tartans and does not go with all type of tartans.

Box Pleats: These are the traditional military style in which every other pleat is reversed. It creates pleats twice as wide – 3 to 4 inches wide. These type of pleats are used in modern day kilts normally. Moreover, modern day kilts are pre-pleated and ready to wear.

What Accessories to Choose?

I would recommend you to get a kilt jacket and waistcoat along with your kilt. Moreover, you can also go for Sporran as we have good collection of Leather Sporran, Fur Sporran, and Horse Sporrans to choose.

Sum up

This was my complete Kilt buyer’s guide and I am sure it must have helped you choose a perfect kilt for yourself. Feel free to use the comment box in order to give your suggestions. We will be more than happy to assist. After reading this guide, you will be an expert buying a kilt. If you are still confused then feel free to contact us for personal assistance.