Black Steampunk Hook Trench Gothic Coat


Note: We shall mail you for precise measurements!


Black Steampunk Hook Trench Gothic Coat is one of the finest quality Goth coat available in our collection. It features a zipper closure along with chrome closure hooks that gives it tough steampunk look. There is a long double threaded line on either side of the jacket adding to its detail. It has velcro closure collars that gives you a complete formal look for events.

There are metal clips on shoulders that match the chrome hokes used for closure. It also has a removable waist tie for perfect fitting. The cuffs come with zipper closure which can either be closed or opened depending on your preference. For added feature, there are two big D-rings given at the back of the jacket. All the chrome material used on this jacket is completely rust-free.

Since, all of our jackets, it is a made to measure jacket where we will ask for precise measurements after you have placed the order.

Product Features

  • Rust-free chrome hardware used.
  • Zipper closure along with chrome-hook closure.
  • Cuffs with zipper closure.
  • Double threaded lines on front and rear for added durability.
  • Velcro closure collars.
  • Removable waist-tie.


Additional information


100% Cotton


Brand New






Gothic Coat


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