Tweed Kilt

Tweed Kilt for Men is the new category that we have introduced on Kilt and Jacks. You can pair a Harris Tweed Kilt with a Tweed Jacket and make a perfect Scottish outfit for yourself. All our kilts that are made up of tweed are purely made to measure. Our Tweed men’s kilt is a perfect kilt for casual or formal Scottish events. These are designed like a traditional tartan kilt; the only difference is that it is made from tweed as opposed to a tartan.

If you want any special design to be made from your tweed kilt then you can write to us and share your design ideas with us. We will definitely work on your ideas and will help you design a perfect kilt for you. You can pair it with a Tartan Plaid Jacket, Prince Charlie Jacket, or Argyll Jacket and make a perfect outfit for a day.

We use the premium quality, Tweed, while making these tweed kilts. All the material, fabric, hardware, and straps are of top-notch quality. Despite using premium quality, we don’t charge extravagant amounts from our customers. You can buy tweed kilt from Kilt and Jacks and flaunt it like a fashion symbol.

As far other accessories are concerned, you may use a Full Dres’s Sporran with your tweed kilt and also add some kilt pins for a perfect outfit. You can also write to us for outfit design ideas so that we can make help you wear a proper dress.

On Kilt and Jackets, we have been introducing lots of new variations and styles in kilts which help our customers to get a perfect costume for themselves. We are upholding the quality of bespoke clothing for many years. We are making sure that our customers get the best bespoke fashion items at the reasonable rates possible. You can definitely trust us while investing in your clothes.