Kevin Louise

Co-founder/Marketing Head

In the heart of creativity and flair, there lived a man named Kevin Louise, a co-founder with an insatiable passion for innovation. His love for literature was unmatched, and his world was a symphony of words and threads. In the tapestry of his dreams, Kilt and Jacks was about to emerge as the crescendo, a brand that would redefine fashion.

Kevin’s love for books wasn’t confined to the pages; it fueled his imagination and inspired the birth of Kilt and Jacks. As the co-founder, he embarked on a journey to weave together the traditional Scottish essence with a modern twist, creating a brand that echoed the spirit of adventure.

Picture Kevin, surrounded by books in his creative sanctuary, each novel whispering stories of faraway lands. It was amidst these tales that the vision for Kilt and Jacks began to take shape. The brand would be a celebration, a fusion of heritage and contemporary style that resonated with those seeking more than just clothing.

Every design crafted by Kevin was a chapter in the story of Scotland, a narrative spun through patterns and colors. Kilt and Jacks wasn’t just about garments; it was an invitation to live a life filled with excitement and charm, where every outfit told a unique tale.

With Kevin at the helm, Kilt and Jacks quickly captivated a devoted following. His engaging storytelling, much like the novels he cherished, drew fashion enthusiasts and history lovers alike. Kilt and Jacks became a lifestyle, a passport to a world where every day unfolded a new adventure, and every piece of clothing was a page in an unfolding story.

Kevin’s magnetic personality made him the face of Kilt and Jacks. Through his narratives, he transported people to the hills of the Highlands, the rugged landscapes, and the spirited festivals that defined Scottish culture. The brand became more than just a collection of clothes; it was a living story that people could wear with pride.

As Kilt and Jacks continued to evolve under Kevin’s creative guidance, it became a testament to the power of passion and storytelling. The brand’s community grew stronger, bound together by a shared love for adventure and style. Kevin Louise, with Kilt and Jacks as his canvas, had created a masterpiece – an ode to the spirit of Scotland and the timeless allure of a life well-lived.

And so, the tale of Kilt and Jacks continued, with Kevin as its co-author, inviting everyone to join the journey and be a part of something truly extraordinary.