Kristy McMillan

Master Tailor for Kilts & Skirts

Meet Kristy McMillan, the esteemed Master Tailor for Kilts & Skirts at Kilt and Jacks, a skilled artisan whose hands bring forth the perfect fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance. With a dedication to the art of tailoring and an eye for crafting garments that embody the spirit of Kilt and Jacks, Kristy is a pivotal force in the world of Scottish attire.

Kristy’s journey as a Master Tailor is marked by a profound passion for her craft and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of kilt and skirt design. Renowned for her precision and attention to detail, she plays a vital role in shaping garments that seamlessly blend timeless tradition with modern aesthetics.

With a discerning eye for fabrics, intricate pleating techniques, and an artful approach to stitching, Kristy ensures that each kilt and skirt bearing the Kilt and Jacks insignia is a true work of art. Her craftsmanship not only reflects the brand’s commitment to quality but also infuses each piece with a unique character that resonates with the diverse tastes of the Kilt and Jacks clientele.

Beyond her technical prowess, Kristy is a custodian of the brand’s dedication to diversity in Scottish attire. Her designs span a spectrum, from traditional kilts to contemporary skirts, showcasing the versatility and inclusivity that define Kilt and Jacks.

In the realm of kilt and skirt craftsmanship, Kristy McMillan stands as the master, sculpting garments that transcend mere clothing to become emblems of tradition and contemporary style. Her role is not just about tailoring kilts and skirts; it’s about creating wearable art that tells a story of innovation, pride, and enduring elegance, embodying the essence of Kilt and Jacks.