Rochelle Gomez

Fashion Content Curator

Meet Rochelle Gomez, the meticulous Fashion Content Curator at Kilt and Jacks, devoted to crafting a narrative that revolves exclusively around the captivating world of kilts and jackets. Rochelle is not just a curator; she is a connoisseur, intricately selecting and presenting content that celebrates the timeless allure of Kilt and Jacks’ signature pieces.

Rochelle’s journey in the realm of fashion content curation is marked by a profound appreciation for the craftsmanship and elegance that define kilts and jackets. As the Fashion Content Curator at Kilt and Jacks, she meticulously curates a visual journey that showcases the brand’s commitment to excellence in traditional Scottish attire.

With an expert eye for detail and an understanding of the nuances that distinguish kilts and jackets, Rochelle’s curated content reflects the brand’s fusion of heritage and contemporary style. Her role extends beyond mere presentation; it’s about creating a digital gallery that immerses viewers in the intricate patterns, textures, and stories woven into each garment.

Beyond her role as a curator, Rochelle serves as a style guide, providing Kilt and Jacks enthusiasts with a curated look into the diverse ways kilts and jackets can be embraced. Her content acts as a window into the world of Kilt and Jacks, where craftsmanship and culture converge to create a fashion narrative like no other.

In the domain of kilts and jackets, Rochelle Gomez is the curator, shaping the visual language that amplifies the grace and sophistication inherent in Kilt and Jacks’ creations. Her role is not just about selecting images; it’s about creating a curated experience that allows admirers to appreciate the artistry and elegance of each kilt and jacket in the Kilt and Jacks collection.