How can I pay for something I haven’t seen yet?

These are the common concern of many of the first time customers. Kilt and Jacks has been operating since last 5 years successfully and there are tons of happy customers on our list. We have a team of highly skilled and competent people who put their time and sweat into making a perfect finished good for you.

Initial Stage: When you place your order with us, our Customer Support guy will get back to you with proper measurement guide. He will guide you throughout the process of taking the right measurements so there are near to zero errors while taking the measurements. This is the crucial step of ordering a custom jacket and ones it is done right then there are no chance of mistake.

Plus Point: Before dispatching your order, we share real pictures of the finished product with you. You can review the design, material, and stitching before we dispatch it. In case of changes, you can tell us right away so there are no errors from our end.